First Look Media Technology Blog

Welcome! We hope you get a glimpse of the work we’re doing and learn something new and interesting along the way.

Micah Lee first launched this site in 2016 to highlight First Look’s open source projects, especially those “related to privacy, security, data, and journalism”.

Now the First Look Media technology team is relaunching it to help further the work Micah started and to showcase more of the development we’re doing across the entire engineering and technology teams.

Over the past two and half years we’ve been building a content platform using techniques and technologies that are also well-suited for rapid development, flexible user experiences, and the need for multi-channel distribution. We’ve put the platform to the test by launching a number of new content verticals including Topic, The Nib, and Field of Vision, and are always pushing new ideas forward. Future blog posts will explore some of the technology choices we’ve made - including the use of React, GraphQL, Draft.js, and a semantic time-series schema in our stack.

The blog is also the engineering team’s chance to eat it’s own dog food, drink it’s own champagne, scoop it’s own ice cream - or whatever metaphor you find most digestible. To that end, we’ll also be using this site as a sandbox for new ideas and features.

For example, if you’re a Brave browser user, you’ll see that we’ve verified the domain and are gladly accepting contributions if you find the content compelling. If you aren’t a Brave user and are curious to know what it’s all about, click on our promo link and we’ll get a little BAT credited to our account!

To kick off the new site, we have a post from JJ Citron, one of our summer interns, that showcases an awesome air gapping video created by the FLM IT team and reviews some quick air gapping best practices. A forthcoming part two of this post, will tell the excellent story of how we solved the mystery of a perplexing chip on the MacBook Air’s logic board in the course of fact checking part one of the post!

We also have a note from Micah about his upcoming talk at HOPE 2018, and will soon have an update from him on GPG Sync - our open source tool for keeping GPG public keys in sync across the enterprise.

We hope you enjoy the new site, and we’re are always happy to hear feedback or answer questions about our work. And check out our GitHub team page if you’re interested in some of the open projects we’re working on but that haven’t posted here yet.

Oh, and if you’re looking, we’re generally hiring for one role or another.